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This website, conceived by Tariqahmed Pinjar, is launched to create a useful platform for the welfare and betterment of the Pinjar-Nadaf Community and to project the Community as a well placed group of people in the Society at large.

Through this website it is intended to bring together people of the Community.

The pictorial and generic descriptions in the above film strip project how the Community progressed by passing of the day beginning from being cotton carders to gradually giving prominence to religious and professional education thus churning out great leaders and professionals in all walks of life of the modern world.

People of the Community can register themselves to the Community Directory so they can access and keep in contact each other.

This website will provide information about happenings in the Community; announce achievements and progress of individuals in different walks of life & profession from time to time.

Writers and guest columnists can post their articles on matters of Community welfare & development and social interest etc.

Those who seek to further their career opportunities and also those who know of employment vacancies can post their details in the Careers page which will benefit each other.

Those who seek alliance for marriage within the Community can post their details at the Matrimonial page and view details of other prospective seekers. To meet the cost of the website and managing it further, Matrimonial services come at a very affordable cost. This would save people from falling prey to madavats who have cultivated this service as a commercial activity and yet do not provide service to people to their expectations.

Information of those who are genuinely in need of financial help will be posted in the Appeals page so that those who would want to help them could extend their support to such people. Also, part of the Matrimonial cost received will be used for such activities. The disbursement of money to the needy people will be decided on its merits by an Advisory Group of 10 eminent people in the Community.

There will be many more such features in this website for all.

Hence, this website is for the benefit of the entire Community.

Let us all involve and be part of this website and contribute towards the betterment of the Community.....


Coming Soon......